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There are several web browsers that allow us to access the Internet and everything in it.

Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge or Safari, these browsers are all free and install on your computer very easily and quickly.

Here are some usage tips that could make your web browsing easier and more user-friendly.

Use multiple browsers in parallel

Some time ago, some websites worked better with some browsers than others. This was true in the days of Internet Explorer which was so outdated that most websites did not work on this interface. Explorer has been replaced by Edge, which works much better.

As browsers are free, why not download them all? You won’t lose anything. On the contrary, you can only improve your web browser performance. You can install several of them without any problems. Test them and tell your favorite that it becomes your default browser.

Moreover, you may be informed, when loading a home page of a site, which browsers is preferable.

“This site is optimized for Mozilla Firefox” is the kind of message that will inform you that it would be better to use said browser.

Google Chrome

Google’s designers created Google Chrome. Ultra fast, ultra-simple, Chrome is reliable and efficient. It’s the one that’s most frequently used and a variety of apps are available to enhance the browsing experience.

Chrome highlights

  • Simplicity, speed and security.
  • A Chrome Web Store app center and extension
  • Integrated web page translation tool.
  • New tab page that shows the most frequently visited sites.
  • Stability: If a site crashes or freezes, you don’t lose the other tabs.
  • Easy privacy navigation.
  • Personalizing the interface
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Mozilla Firefox

The other alternative to Microsoft products. The star of Open Source software is Firefox. Just like Chrome, it has its own “app store” that allows you to download countless tricks to customize your browser.

Mozilla Firefox highlights

  • Very fast
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Safe and complete

Microsoft Edge

Edge is the new browser that replaces Internet Explorer. After 20 years of service, Explorer has given way to a younger and more up-to-date browser, perfectly suited to Windows 10. Edge is already installed if you’ve made the update to upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge highlights

  • Preview of open tabs
  • Annotate a web page directly
  • Effective research
  • Easily find favorites, playlist and history
  • Play mode
  • Includes Cortana, a personal digital assistant
  • Compatible with Windows 10

If you are looking for a better privacy-focused web browser, you can check this list that come with the best browsers for your privacy.

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