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Today business is more of on digital platform, rather than the traditional. Keeping it safe is now a vital issue. Though we are enjoying the benefits of online order, transaction, on time delivery, keeping track on the order through internet, lodging complaints against the product online, we are becoming more dependent on the internet technology. There are many gadgets available to provide you with high level security. Securite ISH is a renowned company that provides security services and related products.

Have a look on 5 efficient ways that will help to protect your business.

  1. Change The Sensitive Data Of Your Smartphone : Smartphone is now your alternate existence. The whole world is in your palm now held in this small, lightweight portable electronic device. Your personal world, professional life, entertainment, this small device knows everything about you. It has become your alternate identity now.
    So, it is of utmost importance to maintain the security of your smart phone. If it goes to a person with wrong intention, and enough security is not there, that will make your life miserable. Apply the general security measures, like phone lock system, app lock system. Change the pin and passwords frequently. Choose the pin or password wisely.
    An innocent kid’s game can come out terrible as you need to register to it with your personal details.
    So, beware of everything you install on your mobile.
  2. Don’t Neglect The Keys : We are emphasizing so much on the high tech digital alert system that we often forget about the small metal keys. The keys are probably the first tool that we have started using for security.
    Think of how many rooms can you access in your business space with mechanical keys. Whether there is only one key to open the doors of the main entry or you utilize a double key facility.  If it is a single key system, I would recommend for changing to multi layer security as soon as possible. Don’t keep all the keys together in a single bunch.
  3. Develop Strong Social Media Policies : Emails and social media are now the primary security concern. Your all information can be leaked through this. Use the social media tactfully imagining that nothing is secured here. Sharing the sensitive data debit card PIN, email password is a strictly no.
  4. Use App Controlled Security System : There are various types of security system that are controlled by an app installed in your mobile phone. You will get a wide range of such products in Securite ISH.
    Let’s say surveillance system. It will record the images and videos around 360 degree angles up to 5 meters. You can check the environment of your business area when you are not there on your smart phone screen.
    An intrusion alarm system is very helpful to maintain the security. If any intruder wants to enter forcefully, the app will alert you through the alarm.
  5. Fire Alarm Is Also Required : To save your business fire alarm from Securite ISH is extremely helpful. It will inform to the fire management services immediately.

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